Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Discount Surgical Stockings

Would you believe that I first came across the concept of surgical stockings while watching Glee? I knew stockings could be supportive, but I had no idea they could be used as part of a treatment. Apparently, surgical stockings are prescribed to help prevent a variety of life-threatening possibilities, deep vein thrombosis for one. They can also be used to manage conditions such as leg ulcers and edema. However, just because these stockings are worn for medical purposes, it does not mean that they cannot be fashionable. Jobst ultrasheer, for instance, come in various shades and sizes. They look and feel very soft and silky without taking away from their efficacy. They are also the sheerest physician-recommended surgical stockings there are. They are made of a blend of nylon, spandex, and silicone for optimum convenience and comfort. The material, which features Jobst Advanced Comfort, moves moisture from within to the outside of the stockings in aid of evaporation and a cooler feel to the skin. Knee-high versions come with a comfortable wide top band. There are actually many variations available. You can certainly find the length, toe design, color, support concentration, etc. combinations that suit your needs best and promote optimal leg health.


Grace said...

Nice tip. I need this. I suffer from edema and scared of DVT. There was this episode about DVT in House,MD.
We bloggers need this stockings coz we tend to sit for a long time, hehe...

spinninglovelydays said...

So true about sitting for hours on end, lol