Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Formula Fact

I was supposed to facilitate a baby trivia quiz/game in a baby shower, but we ended up not doing that. Anyway, from the list of questions I learned that the typical cost of raising a child in the United States for the first year of life is about $7000. According to data, $2000 of this amount goes to formula alone. This is why experts and the federal government are encouraging mothers to breastfeed. Not only will the baby get the best kind of nutrition this way, the parent/s also get to save loads of money. In line with the breastfeeding campaign is a new program from WIC, a federal agency that provides food and access to health services among other things to low-income women and children. WIC has reallocated the funding for infant formula along with other provided foods. This move means that many low-income parents may now have to pay for baby formula themselves. They should know that through the Infant Formula Act, infant formulas all meet the FDA nutritional requirements and have passed all its standard inspections. Nutrition expert from Weill Cornell Medical College Dr. Barbara Levine pointed out that there is no nutritional reason to insist on getting a major brand. I did a calculation of how much a mother could save by switching from major brand to store-brand formula at more than half the former’s price and she may spend less than $58 per month. Any parent should get excited about being able to put this amount to some other good use or to simply save it.