Monday, October 19, 2009

Some More Playhouse Midgy

The above slideshow is an update on the playhouse we're making. The curtains are up, added some chimes, turned the lower part into a kind of stone wall, hung a sign (the thing is supposed to be versatile - it's mostly Marguerite's "apartment", but it can be a bistrot/cafe, a tea shop, a trattoria, etc. If it's my turn, I'll probably be playing English pub with my imaginary friends, hehe, jk)... I'll be adding door and window knobs. My dad made the floor part for Marguerite (since the thing travels to distant corners of our place when Marguerite's inside and wriggling away, the floor will hold the structure in place - it's also supposed to cushion falls - my dad usually has that kind of thing in mind), which I'll probably paint to make black and white tiles. My mom also got Marguerite a darling little broom, a miniature walis tambo for sweeping her playhouse.

Btw, more pictures of Marguerite playing inside her "apartment" here.


bambie said...

cute playhouse!☺

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. appreciate it.☺

i love kids, so i assigned myself to be the designated nanny of my nieces and nephew.☺

The Darkest Night said...

that playhouse looks great!! Wow you are so creative!! I bet the little one will have a wonderful time playing in it!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Bambie and Annika :)

Sharkbytes said...

You have made this into an amazingly special place. I bet you've had as much fun as Marguerite. (Incidentally, that was my grandmother's middle name. Not too common.)

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Sharkbytes. It is lots of fun for me. I'm trying really hard not to forget myself and make the playhouse about me, lol. Marguerite is pretty uncommon.
I've always loved it. :)