Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breaks Mean Reading, Knitting and Lots of Tea

So, yesterday, given my lack of functioning keyboard (and my laptop placed somewhere beyond my easy reach by my almost a foot taller husband - I could have stepped on a chair, but that apparently required too much effort on my part, sigh), I took a semi-break from working on the computer and my online presence was reduced to minimal (I can only do so much copy and paste - letter by letter in some instances - take note of this entry; I usually try to be witty in my titles and descriptions, but my wiseacreing had to take a break yesterday, lol). Anyway, I wasn't feeling all that well either (that time of the month), so I mostly lounged. I did the usual arts and crafts, reading, and play with Marguerite, but most of it in bed. I also put in some knitting time. I think this one's going to be a blanket. However, it's pretty much just one square; it can easily evolve into something else.

Anyway, when I'm feeling a little under the weather like now, if I can afford to, I really try to give myself a break. That monthly visitor can also make my immune system all whack (my allergies go berserk, my bones temporarily age it seems, migraines occur...), so I try not to take my chances and gulp down some Ruby Reds (I mix it with water, kind of like powdered juice) and take copious mugs of hot tea. And like I said, I lounge. As best as I can while taking care of a three-yr-old.