Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 2009 Blog Action Day Is About Climate Change

At the end of the day, you're very thankful that you are okay, but there are moments when sentimentality threatens to take you over. It's not the expensive appliances that do you in although the thought of their loss can also literally weaken you with regret, it's the pictures, the cards, the little mementos, the scrapbooks (FYI, most of our books were spared, thanks to high shelves), the collection of all my published works from my days as a 2bU! (youth section) correspondent to the more recent ones from my stint as a Moms & Babies contributor(!!!), etc. No point dwelling on that though. For now it's all about cleanup. As I write this, my parents' area still does not have power. My husband is finally taking a day off work, so we can go there and help out.

Anyway, I'm also writing this post to inform all of you that this year's Blog Action Day theme is Climate Change and Ondoy/Ketsana was certainly a wake-up call. 30 days worth of rainfall in 6 hours!!! This is my third year to participate in Blog Action Day and while I had really been concerned about the previous topics, this year's is definitely the one I can most personally relate to, thanks to the recent typhoon/flood. To learn more about climate change, you can go to this site:

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