Saturday, September 19, 2009

What the Girls in St. Scho Were Singing 20 Years Ago

I almost forgot to do a revertigo this week. I've been watching a lot of Les Miz (it comes and goes) lately and from Les Miz, I would go to my favorite songs in Miss Saigon (Lea Salonga is the connection here for me). I found this video of Lea's audition and it really brought me back. That was from 20 years ago. 20 years! That's just crazy. I was in sixth grade and the songs all the girls in my school were singing were "Sun and Moon" (btw, this was a source text for one of my translation classes and up to now I can still sing the Spanish version my partner and I made, hehe) and the Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World". Gosh, I think the most recent Disney song I know is "Reflection" (Lea Salonga again! And of course, my sister and I really loved "Dark Side of the Moon" and then we learned it was Donny Osmond, yessss! lol). Do they still make animated movies of fairy tales, myths and legends or is it all new stuff now? I haven't been keeping track.

Anyway, here's the audition video. Lea's so young and cute here, 17 or 18, I think:


Vera said...

I think she was sixteen when she auditioned? Basta she was very young diba. Pero very articulate and grabe sa galing.

Love Les Miz songs too; and Part of Your World was also a favorite!