Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week's Revertigo: MacGyver

Back from Bacolod. The apartment seriously needs to be cleaned, but what the hey; I missed blogging.

Anyway, got to watch a lot of Martha Stewart and TheDrs in our hotel room. Somehow, I always just managed to catch MacGyver as it was about to end (my uncle observed that when MacGyver got this dumb duh look, that meant that the screen would freeze right there and the credits would start to roll). MacGyver, that really brought me back. Too bad (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) we don't get the FX channel at home or I'd be "following" the show again (how weird that I recently saw the guy who played the seemingly indestructible and immortal Murdoc on - shush - TMZ, hehe). My Mom had a crush on MacGyver, btw, and there were all sorts of stupid jokes about his name back then (and for that matter, his first name was Angus and not Menemis). I first saw the following people on episodes of MacGyver: Teri Hatcher (of course), Mayim Bialik (she was the kid who studied in an international school in Switzerland?), Mila Kunis (she was the kid who could mess with jetplanes via her computer?)... Also, I'm against the use of guns because of MacGyver. That's plain influence right there. I'm probably in the right, but I can't give a good argument. I just say, "MacGyver didn't believe in using guns."

If you're nostalgic about MacGyver too, here are a trivia quiz and a video: