Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Lovely Valley Will Rise Again

The thing about Mother Nature is that she's very democratic. She spares no one. In Marikina, everybody, no matter the status (financial, social, civic, etc.), is united in our grieving. We were all affected by the tragedy that befell our area last weekend. I'm including here an excerpt from the email I sent our family abroad to update them on how we're doing.

Everybody's okay although the houses (nanay's and mom's) were both flooded and most of their things were damaged. My apartment in Mandaluyong was not affected although we were traveling to and from Laguna this weekend so we had to brave through floods as well. Dad's Tita Fely's burial was on Saturday morning and he was caught in the flood and horrible traffic along EDSA going home. He decided to walk home from that point (water was chest deep in some areas). He reached Marikina late Saturday night. Everybody, including the family of Brenda's kuya, was on the second floor of Nanay's house. Chipi was forced to wade through waist-deep water because they stayed inside even when water entered the house, expecting the flood to stop rising before it reached the bed. Nobody was expecting the rainfall to be that much (more than 30 days worth in under 6 hours) and we were all caught off guard. The last time the house was flooded, and never with water that high, was back in the '80s before BF fixed the city drainage and put up river and creek walls. Mark and his brother went over there to deliver water and food (their supplies were low) after we got back from Laguna Sunday evening. Chip and Jaymee are staying with us while the others continue cleanup in Marikina. The flood is gone but it left thick mud from the mountains on everything. The water outside submerged the gate while inside it rose until just above the waist. Power is still out making cleanup extra difficult... They basically need flashlights and lots of candles because there's no power... Our church members are all fine although many of them lost all of their possessions to the flood.

I wish Husband could take time off work so we could help with the cleanup at my parents' place. It's really slow going. With Chip sick, the ones left working there are my 62-yr-old father, my 58-yr-old mother, and Lala, their helper. The power is still out. My mom, who's very sentimental, is just so heartbroken with all the damage (my grandparents' antique china, a set from their wedding, photo albums, special gifts and letters, etc.). She just reminds herself that they did not lose all of their possessions, and more importantly, we didn't lose any of our relatives, friends, and churchmates.


Frances said...

Thank God you're safe, Ivy! All my friends and churchmates have also been accounted for--everyone' safe. My brother and his family also got flooded in Kingsville. They lost a lot and drying everything else they could save from the yucky water. I was so relieved they're safe--I was so worried the whole weekend!!

We still rejoice. God is good. We will rebuild!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Frances. So true. We are able to see and feel God's goodness in the middle of this tragedy.:)