Monday, September 7, 2009

Off to Bacolod and Week 6 Drops

Back in 1996, I was in a college org called Le Club Fran├žais and one of my orgmates introduced his high school friend to us. Because of that moment in time, my life ended up taking the turn that led to things as they are now. So, yeah, that friend who unknowingly influenced the path that my life took is getting married on Wednesday. We're not about to miss the event. Tomorrow, we leave for Bacolod. It also happens to be Husband's birthday. I can't wait. I pray for sunny skies and cooperative toddlers.

In the interim, I'd like to thank all those who dropped their cards here last week. The following are the top droppers from August 30 - Sept. 5:


kryzteta said...

Take Care! I hope Midge enjoy her first plane ride :D