Monday, August 17, 2009

Caliraya Pics and Week 3 Drops

Finally, our connection is fixed. So, yeah, here are some pics from our weekend at Caliraya. I was actually there in 2004 along with middle and upper schoolers, but we stayed at the cottages (since it was supposed to be a camping trip) and not at the hotel. I don't remember much from that episode, just snatches here and there. I know there were brilliant kids who left their chocolate chip cookies and other munchies open and thus were invaded by ants. I remember the trip to Pagsanjan (gorgeous place and awesome experience). I think we played some kind of war game, but that's to be expected. Anyway, the pics here are taken with my phone because Husband was working (he had to take pictures of the different areas of the resort) and naturally had the camera with him. First, there's Marguerite heading for the slip n' slide; then, Marguerite checking out the horsie; zorb ball in the background; and finally, Marguerite wading in the kiddie pool.

I didn't get to do much dropping last week, hence many thanks to those who still stopped by here and dropped their cards. These were the droppers from August 9-15:

Doing Business, w~i~r~e~d


Call Center Gal said...

Thank you so much for posting one of my blogs in your post. :) I really appreciate it.

eternally said...

Yayyy so happy to be in this list! Take care