Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marguerite's Original Hair

For today, I'm posting a pic featuring Marguerite's hair over at my photoblog. It has yet to be cut and is now down to her waist. You should know though that she was born with a full head of hair (we never went through the bald baby phase, but that's okay). Old wives' tales say that pregnant women carrying babies with hair (don't want to say hairy babies - doesn't sound right) have itchier stretch marks on their tummies. Whatever. I'm totally using that to justify all that scratching I did. Anyway, as much as I'd hate to cut Marguerite's original hair (I'm making it sound as though she's going to be a collectible someday), we'll probably have to do it sometime soon. Like I said, I'm just waiting for ten inches to cut off (we're making donating hair a tradition in our family).