Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liquid, Solid, Gas, Plasma...

I learned about the concept of "liquid powder" way before it became popular because my SIL lives near one of the companies that pioneered it. There were billboards promoting it surrounding the plant and upon seeing them, my first reaction was kind of adverse. It was pure nitpicking. How can powder be liquid? My problem with the product was purely semantic in nature. A powder is a substance in the form of tiny loose particles. Perhaps liquid talcum may have been better although talcum is also known to be a solid substance. Anyway, my mom got Marguerite one of the liquid powder products that came out just to try it out. I think it's okay, but that got me thinking again. Is cream considered liquid? The product turned out to be more cream than actual liquid, so maybe it should be called talcum cream or something more accurate. I don't have any real point here. I was just thinking.

You're right. I should be thinking about more important things. :)


T.H said...

liquid powder I tried a brand but smell yark