Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Immune Systems Around Here Need Some Work

Not to be outdone, I also went down with my own illness and to avoid talk that I'm a mere copycat (or that Marguerite is catching), mine is a fine mix of asthma, allergies, and body pain. Marguerite's was plain fever with a colossal side order of crankiness and appetite loss. Thus far, we've both gone drug-free. What can I say, water therapy is effective, not riddled with all sorts of side effects, friendly to the liver, and its price is just right (when I say "right" connected to price, I mean "free"). I need rest and Husband was kind enough to stay home from work Thursday (Friday is a horrible time to be away from the office, so even if I wasn't well yet, we had no choice) and while I applaud the efforts, the possibility we sometimes ponder on, the one of us switching places (me going to work and him staying home) went to absolute nil in my head. He might be coming down with something too, in fact. Faced with the responsibility of being in charge of child and home, he developed aches and some muscle weakness almost approaching feebleness that only watching Discovery Turbo uninterrupted by toddler care could dispel. I need me some good ol' rest, but I'm beginning to be convinced that "resting/relaxing mother" is an oxymoron. Marguerite is actually better (thanks to those who've prayed for her and wished her well) and some of her appetite is back. However, the crankiness is still in full force. Everything makes her flip out. Yesterday, she was watching Word World and it was the episode where they were making a castle for Shark. The first time the castle washed away, she threw a fit, screaming for the castle to be restored. To the creators of Word World, please think of children who are looking for reasons to go ballistic when creating your storyline. Castles washing away? Not such a hot idea.
Btw, right after I posted my previous entry, my mom called all agitated. "What's wrong? What happened to Midge?" I asked how she found out that Marguerite was sick. "I read it on Spinning Days (sic)." But never mind my questions, she had only Marguerite in mind. I said Marguerite seemed to be cutting molars and, reminded that I was hospitalized myself when I went through it, she changed her tone from the accusing, waiting-to-chew-me-out "What have you been doing or not doing or just being that got my granddaughter sick?" to "My poor Midgy, my baby girl, my gibberish-gibberish-gibberish"... All very exag, but that's a grandmother for you. I think.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

WOw- hope you don't get blamed for everything Midge ever gets or does, or you are in for a long decade or so!

spinninglovelydays said...

Oh that's just my mom's brand of comedy, lol