Monday, July 6, 2009

Bazaar and Late Grocery Hours

My SIL had a bazaar this past weekend and Marguerite, as usual, literally got into her merchandise. At one point she had a ring on almost all her fingers and still she also had to grab a fistful of pencils for extra fun. Not much of a fan of moderation, that kid. Stranger anxiety also disappears faced with so many fascinating trinkets. You'll find some pictures of Marguerite ransacking Christine's display here.
Yesterday, because of this and that, we ended up doing our weekly groceries really late. We were actually like the third to the last customers to check out. The good thing about it is that Marguerite had the play area to herself. I wish they wouldn't play Tom and Jerry (which Husband loves) on the TV though since it's so violent. Anyway, Marguerite's pictures at the playground over here. Remember, you have to click on "Go to Album" to see the rest of the pics.