Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wet Months Ahead

Alas, the wet part of the year is officially here. Goodbye weekend afternoons at the park. Also, hello to power interruptions and other rainy season nuisances. Ah, the grandeur of the monsoon with calamity and devastation trailing in its wake. Yesterday, the wind howling between our building and its twin sounded positively creepy. In the right frame of mind, it can feel romantic, like being in a gothic novel. Since I had been working on a paid post and the power went out, I didn't feel inclined to romanticize the weather. I did light a few nice-smelling candles around which Marguerite and I sat singing "Happy Birthday" (she didn't want to sing anything else) until the light came back on (only to go out again a few seconds later, upon which Marguerite and I just moved to the bedroom and cuddled up in bed reading Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor together). Anyway, I can be down with the rain, but not rain that is a regular feature for months and months. I know a rainy day can feel cozy, but only if you're safely home and not feeling penned up. Also, living in the tropics, there's no point in griping about it. I can always move if I want to, and believe it or not, I do love living here.

I know I wrote an article about fun things to do with your kids on a rainy day back when I was single and had no business, but was still brazenly peddling parenting articles to various magazines. It's in my room at my parents' house so I can't consult my own advice. I did find the following online:

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