Monday, June 8, 2009

Trading Our Recyclables for Money

It was really pouring last Saturday when we arrived at the SM Megamall parking lot to drop off our recyclables for the monthly SM Trash to Cash weekend. We had bags and bags of plastic and glass containers, a box of mixed paper, the box our refrigerator came in, several rusty pots and pans, our broken DVD player, and some other bits of odds and ends. I had wanted Marguerite to be involved with the activity, but like I said, it was raining and Marguerite was peacefully sleeping in her carseat besides. Anyway, she was involved in the sorting process at home. After I had segregated everything, she rooted through the mixed paper and rescued a Hello Kitty paper bag, a small pink shoe box (the one her dress shoes came in), and a few sheets of paper. What could I do? She was so cute playing with them and if you think about it, that's still recycling. Btw, we earned about Php60 for our load. It's not a lot, but it was junk we would have just thrown away with nothing in return and, besides that, the burden of looking for a recycling center was taken off of us.

That's Husband with the blue umbrella.