Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snoopy On Her Booboo

Marguerite has a pretty bad booboo on her right knee. She tripped while we were walking down the path by the sea wall at the San Miguel by the Bay. For some reason, the cement had gaps in them. Many have probably dropped little items into those cracks. I really don't get why they made it that way. Anyway, typical of Marguerite, she didn't cry. It looked like it really hurt too. One of the guards came over with a first aid kit (I had already washed off the wound because I have Marguerite's water bottle in my purse - everything else was in the car), so we were able to dab some Betadine on it. I carried her around for a little while. That's when the fireworks started and pretty soon she was running around again, thankfully, mostly on the grassy parts. She doesn't seem to mind her booboo much. That's why I've been using bandaids on them. She forgets about the wound sometimes and just bashes her knee against stuff while playing. We have both ordinary and character bandaids. She naturally prefers the Peanuts ones.