Monday, June 8, 2009

A Place of Diversity

I once saw a Discovery or National Geographic show explaining why race does not actually exist. I remember it gave examples of how you cannot define race accurately since there is always something that would not fall within the description or some exception that would outright negate it. If the term is being used loosely though and we were not to get all scientific and technical, race, as we understand the term, is actually still something that we deal with. It is much nicer now that people of different races can mingle and build relationships without thinking twice about it. Now is a time when black and white chat and befriend each other without fear. It is definitely a better setup now than it used to be. This presents a better condition for sharing and learning. Different cultures are fascinating to learn about and as one knows more about other people, he or she is also able to understand himself or herself better. Amidst all the differences is a strong sense of similarity. There is always something one can identify with or relate to. Diversity is a great thing on so many levels. If you are interested in meeting people of different ethnicities and cultures online, an interracial chat room would be a good place to start. Registration is free.