Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Church Anniversary

Our church celebrated its 16th year anniversary yesterday. How time flies! I can remember how it started. Our old church had split up, the majority going with my dad, the pastor. It was right before classes started too. I was a 16-yr-old, angst-ridden girl, who wanted nothing more than to launch war against that family of traitors, hypocrites, and liars (other than a few mild episodes, I didn't really get to. God didn't allow me to disgrace my father any further, lol). The source of the real trouble was the land where the chapel stood on. A deceased member had given the piece of land to the church (she was still alive when the chapel was built) and her brother, years later, wanted to get the land to build apartment units on. My dad wouldn't have any of it, so they did all they could to get my dad to leave the church. My dad was in the US a lot during those times, so every time he was gone, they would try to brainwash church members' against my dad. The weak and those who were impressed by this family's money were easily swayed and signed some stupid petition, but when everything came out in the open, the family was exposed for all their malice and greed. They were left with the land and our chapel and they knocked about in that hollow structure until they finally tore it down and built the apartments they were panting to have in the first place. Does it sound like I may still have some issues? Oh well, child that I was, I didn't figure out that my so-called friends were plotting against my own dad, so you can imagine my wrath when I finally found out. lol All in the past, all in the past! God has healed these wounds, no use picking at them now. Anyway, we have a wonderful church now. It has its share of problems. It's certainly not perfect, but I still find it inspiring. We worship, we learn, we fellowship, and we serve. Anyway, yesterday's celebration was a lot of fun. The daughter churches were well represented and the event overall was a great blessing. My cousin Jaymee took most of the pictures since Husband had to play the guitar. Yeah, they were mostly out of focus. Way to go, Jaym!!! :)