Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learn about Asbestos as Best as We Can

We have all read or heard about how asbestos can cause cancer. We know asbestos is evil, but do we even know what asbestos looks like? Knowing the simple fact is one thing, but do we know enough to be able to take an active stance to prevent asbestos exposure? One time while I was still working as a schoolteacher, I had monitoring duty at lunch time and I noticed that the children were breaking off pieces of the gym wall panels (this was shortly before it was renovated) and throwing them at each other or just simply crumbling them with their hands. I knew that the building dated back to the sixties, so I immediately thought of asbestos and ordered them to stop. I tried to tell them about asbestos, but just ended up confusing them and myself. I realized that I didn’t know enough. Upon researching on the topic though, I learned about Mesothelioma and how not just people at the site of an asbestos-laden structure are at risk. Being airborne, asbestos can get on a person and that person can bring it elsewhere. Imagine a father with traces of asbestos on his clothing hugging his little kids as he got home. There is a law about asbestos and in the event of sickness, people can call a Mesothelioma Lawyer to litigate responsible parties.


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