Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Can Talk about Tattoos

I remember a story about tattoos from one of Louis Sachar’s (one of my favorite children’s book authors) Wayside School books. Anyway, for a birthday present one of the children (in 3rd grade, I think) was going to get a tattoo. Naturally all of his classmates had suggestions for him on what to get. The birthday boy remained undecided until dismissal time. The following day, everybody was eager to see what he had gotten and was baffled to see a tattoo of a potato. Most of the other kids thought that it was a dumb choice, but the tattooed boy did not expect them to understand because they never had the chance to get their own tattoo. Anyway, while anybody is qualified to engage in tattoo chat (registration is free), only the tattooed can know what having a tattoo is like. I myself don’t have a tattoo, but I can talk about certain people’s tattoos. If you ask me about Rob Thomas’ or John Rzeznik’s tattoos, I will probably be able to tell you something, having obsessed over them at several points in my life. That’s right. It’s a case of the recurring crush - if anybody’s interested, right now isn’t one of those points.