Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing with Signs

Lately Marguerite and I have been reviewing our signs. I always said that signing is something I want Marguerite to continue doing as she gets older. Marguerite speaks pretty clearly now and actually sounds a lot like me (pronunciation, intonation, accent...). I know baby signers tend to lose the signs they know as they learn to talk, so I'm trying to prevent this from happening. Anyway, I try to remember to sign while talking to keep Marguerite exposed to sign language. The thing is, I don't force Marguerite to sign (sometimes I ask her to), but when she's trying to tell me something and I don't understand or just wasn't paying attention, she repeats what she has been saying in a louder voice and signs. Also I noticed that there are signs that she can do correctly now, like "play" and "water", folding the correct fingers and making her hand land on the correct spots. I also try to regularly add to our vocab, but I keep it subtle so we won't feel overwhelmed. Mostly, we watch a lot of Signing Time. Anyway, here is one of Marguerite's favorite Signing Time songs: