Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Give Your Home a Face Lift

If I were to remodel the place where we live now, I would start with the walls. I would tear out those ugly faux wood panels, keep the walls bare, except perhaps a portion in the middle that I would wall paper or paint with an interesting design. I would tear out the tiles and go for hardwood floors instead. I’ll completely redo the bathroom, replace the windows with something fancier, install window seats, and really jazz up the balcony into a delightful little pocket garden. The kitchen, like the bathroom, will have to be scrapped altogether. The ceiling will make sense (it just does not right now) and be adorned with quaint light fixtures. The sprinkler system will definitely be better disguised. From the sounds of it, the place had better just be razed to ground and rebuilt, lol. Of course, before any of these things are carried out, we’ll hopefully have moved into a more permanent home. Anyway, remodeling is a serious undertaking. As much as I love DIY, there are things that are just not only better, but more practically done by the pros. If I were to choose a contractor, I’d definitely go for one that already has a reputation for being skilled, affordable, and dependable. RNR Construction, for instance, is a guaranteed good choice for a Minneapolis Remodeling Contractor. For any remodeling project somebody from Minneapolis may need, he or she can count on this company to provide quality work.