Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Reading Not Just for Nurses

Nursing is a big thing around here. Many people see it as their ticket to working abroad and earning a lot, but there are also those who think of it as a calling. Kudos to all those who became or are studying to become nurses because they genuinely want to help people. I have several relatives who are nurses and, in fact, the aunt I’m closest to is a nurse in Fresno. That’s where she ended up settling when she and her husband started their family, but before that she was able to work in other places as well. She has been in some of the best cities to be a nurse, in fact. As somebody whose work is more involved with the arts than with healthcare, I used to think of nursing as something very technical, clinical, and impersonal. Nurses put on their scrubs and just perform their tasks with high efficiency. Their getup is all about being sanitary and comfortable. It was a real surprise for me to see really chic scrubs in a nursing magazine. In fact, the contents of the scrubs magazine are so fascinating that even though the articles are essentially about nursing, they still draw your attention and make entertaining reading.