Monday, June 15, 2009

For a Flawless Paint Job

I know how important it is to get painters who are not only qualified, but who have a reputation for having good work ethics. Our nightmare experience involved this house painter that my grandmother siced on my mom when she and my dad built a house. The man was supposedly her laundress’ husband. It was really annoying because my mom had not even asked my grandmother to commission a painter for her. She had merely asked if my grandmother knew a painter. It was a very casual question, but that’s my grandmother for you. Anyway, this man was not only sloppy, it also took him forever to finish. It is not really any wonder that he would be slow at his work since he was paid with a daily rate. This is why there are cases when going with an established firm is cheaper than getting an independent worker. A mucked up paint job is not something you can easily disguise. I mean, you could, but it means paying again for somebody to do it over. It’s also important for your painter to be skilled in techniques you require. In New Mexico, for any of your Albuquerque Painting needs, you can count on one company to be Above the Rest. They specialize in interior and exterior painting, staining, lacquering, pressure washing, etc.