Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Complete the Sentence Meme

Except for one. Got this from Maggie.

I've come to realize the last person who held my hand... is Marguerite, while saying, "Come, sit down."

I am listening to... Fire, Fire, Fire (Dappled Cities).

I am wearing... tank top and shorts.

My best friend... is beautiful.

Is someone thinking of you right now? ... probably (husband, daughter, mother, sister?)

I woke up this morning... not at all rested.

Before I go to bed at night... I go through a long ritual of getting a gazillion things ready for the rest of the night (it's insane... I just want to sleep!).

Right now I am thinking about... the rain and if power will go out, in which case I better publish the next paid post.

Babies are... preshus!!!

Today... the apartment is not the disaster area it usually is.

Tonight I will... hopefully get some quality shut-eye.

Tomorrow I will... hopefully go get my article checks and get out of the house.

I really want... to get closer to the life I had envisioned for us.