Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Both Talking and Grunting

Some recent quotes from Marguerite:

- Let's go dancing! (No, she didn't want a night out. She just wanted to dance to the music that was playing.)
- Catch it, Mom! Yay, you caught it! (Tenses? She's doing tenses?)
- Oh man! I drop(ped) it. Sorry.
- I wanna watch YouTube. Signing Time Silly Pizza Song. No, not that! That one! (two versions of the Silly Pizza Song - she wanted the one with peas.)
- Where is it? Oh, there it is.

So much more, actually. She's already very chatty. She has intonation, diction, accent... like a real talker. She just talks to everything, both animate and inanimate. She's also a great one for solitary play. With all this verbal explosion, she still sometimes grunts and points in baby/cavegirl mode. Oh and she still signs. It's a real blessing to be able to witness all this.