Monday, May 4, 2009

Tagaytay on Labor Day

We spent Labor Day in Tagaytay. We meant to have a picnic lunch on the grassy grounds of Paradizoo, but we had to make do with eating at their Orchid Pavilion because there was a heavy drizzle (wouldn't that make it actual rain?). I prayed for the rain to go away and God answered my request and we were able to enjoy the zoo (which is actually more of a farm) grounds albeit having to slog through the mud. There were actually many guests despite the wet weather. Coasters kept on arriving bearing tourists. Entrance fee for adults is Php199 while children can get in for Php149. Toddlers 2 and below, like Marguerite the lucky munchkin, get in for free.

There were animals, of course, (which were looking a bit bedraggled because of the rain), but they were farm ones. I think the exotic ones included deer, camels, llamas, ostriches, and wild boars (pretty run-off-the-mill though where we used to live - in Subic, these things will lounge carelessly in your backyard or lawn). I didn't want to check out the swine (hello, Swine flu) but Marguerite has a thing for pigs (I blame Charlotte's Web) and insisted on checking them out up close. Anyway, there were chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese (except that we couldn't be sure if they were ducks or geese), cows, goats, sheep, bees (they were in a section called the apiary and you can't help but mentally go "Dude, where are the apes?"), horses... There was Tango the miniature horse, who was a beautiful, quiet, and gentle fella bravely offering rides (Php30 per round - pretty cheap, although you should know it's not around the farm, but around the lawn) to kids big enough so it looked like he should be riding them. Besides the animals were the plants. They do organic, hydroponic and regular, farming. They operate like a market garden and visitors can pick their produce straight off the ground. I so wanted to buy all sorts of plants and start my own farm in our tiny balcony.

When we were done with the zoo, we meant to meet friends at Bag of Beans, but it was clearly the place to be and parking was impossible so we went off to meet Husband's friend who was selling his plot of land. It's near the highway. One of the markers would be this restaurant called "Ano? " ("What?" in English - belligerent tone indicated by the question mark). This tickled Husband so much he had to take a few pictures of the place. I'm not about to post them all here.

For "pasalubong" (for ourselves, lol), info at Kitchen Newbie.


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