Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday's Highlights

Marguerite managed to lock us out of our bedroom last night (she has a thing against open doors). Anyway, the bedroom keys are not where they should have been (which is hanging from the key holder nailed on the front door... Apparently Husband put them away in a safe place *snort*) and for all intents and purposes, they're still missing. Husband had a fine time practicing to be a petty criminal. He spent a good chunk of an hour watching tutorials on YouTube and finally decided on lock bumping (without an actual bump key) although there was a pretty interesting video of a young boy demonstrating how to pick a lock using a paper clip. In the end, what worked was the bathroom key. Husband inserted it only halfway through and twisted. Thank heavens for cheap doorknobs.

Anyway, some fun we had yesterday. Clearly, pancakes can be used to review your letters. I did it with syrup last week, but Marguerite liked this way better.

I also decided to finally do something about the mini jelly jars that have been knocking around in the kitchen shelves since December. I have these beeswax candles that were just hiding away in a drawer, so these two things made a connection in my mind and that's how I ended up working on candlestick holders yesterday afternoon.

Marguerite "helped" me with this, btw. I had a whole other design in my mind, but I didn't have enough wire (definitely gotta get some more, lest there be more lockpicking incidents) or the fancy beads I pictured in my head. I ended up just using tissue wrapper (yes, I compulsively save used gift wrappers) and some twine.

Now, I'm wondering what I can turn this thing into or use it on...