Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking out for Our Kids

I’m a big fan of the crime and suspense channel and before I found it detrimental to my peace of mind, I avidly followed “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Now that I’m a mother, I find it necessary to be extra vigilant in looking out for the safety of children. I naturally am protective of my own child, but I feel it is also my duty to go beyond that and be supportive of anything that advocates the welfare of children in general. I’m really glad to note that the majority of the states in the USA have passed Jessica’s Law. Some people protest how the law stigmatizes past sex offenders and makes it difficult for them to blend into society once again. Others are concerned about vigilantes who might take it upon themselves to eradicate whom they may perceive as a menace to their community. Generally speaking though, Jessica’s Law is something to be thankful for. Now parents can simply go online and get a Sex Offenders Report which includes anything from photos to addresses. People are usually believers of giving a second chance, but not where their family’s safety is concerned. It is possible that we will never come across a sex offender in our lives, but why take a passive stance when resources to add protection to our family are easily available to us?