Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'd Love a Rustic Flavor in My Home

If I were to choose the furnishings of my home… What am I saying? I do choose my own furniture (the lack of it in our home right now wasn’t brought on by a minimalist tendency but by the mundane matters of financial constraints and the presence of a toddler). I have a pretty eclectic taste, and then also a rather limited budget to really go for matching stuff (not that I would), but my personality would call for a blend of Victorian and vintage to artsy-fartsy and rustic furniture. It’s a matter of making different items work together. I would love to have this lamp, for example. I think it would lend a whimsical tone anywhere. It would do its job and I can also adorn it with theme thingamajigs like tiny woodland creatures coming from those knotholes.


yme said...

nice... there's a place near alabang that's all victorian :D

mine would be modern with a traditional twist of furniture to blend. hahahah sarap mag daydream!!

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, emy. :)