Monday, February 2, 2009

What We've Suffered in the Periphery

I have an uncle who battled (has been battling) with substance abuse for many years. He pretty much ruined his life, perhaps dragged down that of his wife, and traumatized and stigmatized his children. We love the children and do everything we can so that they don’t feel the full brunt of their father’s disease, but we’ve all suffered. For starters, we’ve all been stolen from and the children have had their money swindled from them. Even when I was going through my rebellious phase in college, drugs were something I never messed with. After all, I’d seen with my own eyes the kind of destruction they bring forth.That's why if you have somebody in your life who has a problem with drugs (methamphetamine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine addiction...), seek treatment and rehabilitation for this person right away. The efficacy of a program will be influenced by the person himself, of course, but you at least you have the comfort of knowing that you've taken the active stance.