Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trendy Eyewear Within Your Budget

For somebody who started wearing eyeglasses in the second grade (I think I wore them until about 4th grade), I actually have 20/20 vision. I just had lazy eyes (my folks found out soon enough that it wasn’t just my eyes that were lazy, lol) and in time, the things corrected themselves. I enjoyed superb eyesight until, well, I became a mother (how unfair to point the finger at this milestone for every health problem I have, lol. I suppose being 32 has nothing to do with it.*snort*). Although I still insist that I have 20/20 vision nowadays, the conviction is really kind of hollow and if truth be told, I do have my doubts. I can still see very well, but I can also feel the strain and have been getting headaches that seem to emanate from the eyeballs. Anyhow, I’ve prepared myself for the possibility of having need of eyeglasses. Now, I know ‘to each her own’, but I really don’t get the point of having designer prescription glasses. They’re insanely spendy, after all. If I were to get my own pair, I would get inexpensive ones that are still attractive and of good quality. Enter Zenni Optical with its wide selection of very affordable and stylish glasses. Zenni is able to keep its prices low by doing without the usual middleman. Customers can get their glasses straight from the manufacturer. Zenni’s concept is such a good one that it was even mentioned in a New York Times article. Personally, I would go for this pair. It costs a mere $8 and has a retro style I find endearing.