Monday, February 23, 2009

Over the Plague

Hi. In case you're wondering what happened to me, well the answer would be a slipped disc and chicken pox.
First, the slipped disc. I got it from a very slight movement that I'd made while carrying Marguerite. We were out on our pre-lunch constitutional and she asked to be carried so she could see the view from the hallway balcony better. I was about to put her down, but she protested, so from that intent to bend forward (I don't know that I even really went so far as to actually bend, it all happened so quickly), I immediately straightened. Huge mistake. I suddenly felt an intense shooting pain from my back all the way to my calf. Marguerite, of course, had no choice but to get down. I tried walking, but the slightest movement made me gasp with pain. I was debating with myself whether to knock on the door I was closest to and ask for help, but with Marguerite racing down to the area near the elevator and stairs made me panicky enough to muster enough pain endurance to hobble after her, giving agonized groans and gasps all the while. We were on the 9th floor when it happened, so thank God really for elevators, I didn't have to risk two flights of stairs to get back to our apartment. I left Marguerite to trash the outer room while I pathetically lay myself down on the bed. Another huge mistake. It took copious tears before I masochistically made myself upright again. I had a glimpse of Marguerite knocking chairs over in the toy-strewn living area. She was throwing a hissy fit about being back indoors. Also, I suppose she could tell that something was wrong and her tantrum was just the ticket to make everything extra dandy. Weeping, I tried to contact my mom and my husband, but both were unavailable. They did return my call probably just a few minutes later (seemed longer at that time, of course) while I and my daughter were in the throes of a crying frenzy. Husband was on his way back to the office after a meeting, so he decided to drop by the house first to gauge the gravity of my situation. Of course, knowing that I was about to be rescued calmed me down a bit so I was able to think of ways to distract Marguerite (they were a cop out, but very helpful at that time: got out my lighthouse tealight holders and lit up the tealights so she could blow them out; got out tiny M&Ms and Skittles from my hidden candy stash - sent by my mom, our share of the loot from one of my aunts - and fed them to Marguerite). Anyway, Husband left after giving us lunch. I thought my back was getting better anyway, so I assured him I could survive until he got home later that night. Around 5 o'clock though, I was in so much pain that I had to beg him to come home. Oh, and if that day just won't go down as one of my favorites ever, that same morning I discovered my first chicken pox bump.
Anyway, the verdict was that Marguerite and I were to spend the rest of my sick days at my parents' house. I had bedrest for a couple of days for the slipped disc and when I emerged from that it was too find that the chicken pox was in the course of ravaging my body. I was covered all over with grossness (whenever she saw me, my sister and I would sing to each other in proper screechy tones "I know what you give! Give them all the pox! Spread around your poison til they end up in a box!" ~ Les Miz if you didn't know) and it was grossness that hurt - huge putrid boils that felt sore like bad acne. To add to the misery, I had recurring fevers and blinding headaches, so I couldn't read or watch TV the first week. I had to resort to entertaining myself with a one-woman (the woman being myself) rendition of the entire Les Miz TAC and holding a "countries and capitals" contest with another bedridden female (Chip if youd didn't know - the Papa sisters make a fine pair.). The second week, the fevers were gone, but I still got the occasional headache. I started watching TV (my sister's main occupation) so was able to start Suvivor Tocantins (will probably follow that) and was recruited by Chip to fangirl with her over Ateneo volleyball player AJ Pareja (we are not deluding ourselves, our gaydar was sounding off the alarm the entire time. However, what were we anyway? Just a couple of GenXers stuck on high school mode, lol.)
It's pretty awful lot to get chicken pox when you're older. I did consider getting vaccinated against varicella zoster (that would be a cool pseudonym) when Marguerite got it as I was sure to catch it from her, but opted not to. I thought it would be better to get immunity the natural way, finally get the experience out of the way. I know of several vaccinated kids who got the disease anway, and got it bad. I'm not saying the vaccine isn't effective. It was just my choice to go this route.
So, I'm back in business, albeit covered with pock marks. Anyway, perhaps you know of an effective way to get rid of chicken pox scars and would like to share it? I'd be much obliged.


kryzteta said...

awwww :( Next time call me, I can't be there in a snap but at least I could stay while Mark is at work.

MIL gave me fucidin ointment when I had this recurring thing on my upper lip (remember that?) I'm not sure if it would help when wound is dried up already. It worked well when that grossness was almost drying up though.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Christine. :)