Friday, January 23, 2009

We Are Determined Not to Start an Epidemic

With our self-imposed quarantine, Marguerite and I are really trying to be resourceful when it comes to entertainment. I hoped to be completely unplugged, but I admit I've had to resort to the TV sometimes. Poor Marguerite has been more or less understanding about staying indoors, but there have been moments (sleepy ones) when she still demanded to "go OUT!!!". I tended to compromise and just blew bubbles in the balcony. Fortunately the other day, Marguerite found this bug in the kitchen.

When we explore outside, bugs are usually some of the main fascinations. Marguerite has a scratched plastic magnifying glass that she usually brings with her when we go outside (along with a broken pink film camera, a squeaky board book, and a stuffed frog purse). Anyway, when she found this bug, she went to get her trusty lupa (I resort to the Spanish word because the English one is too long, lol) for closer inspection. I went online to google it, of course, and found this. I thought it looked like a ladybird bug except that it was that tan color and had no spots. Funny how it's supposedly called (if I researched right) 10-spot ladybird. I guess spots aren't in season. When I told Marguerite what it was, she started singing the "lalalalala ladybug" song (bububububuh butterfly, doodoodoodoodoo doodlebug, we are the dribbly dell singers, hehe) from Miss Spider.

So yeah, I just need to be more creative and inventive and we can really be more unplugged.