Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Money through Blogging

I'm posting my reply to my churchmate's comment here yesterday because I think other people could be wondering about the same things he inquired about.

I wonder if I can do that thing (blogging) also.

You can blog, of course. Anybody can, but it takes know-how to create a blog that would hold the interest of readers as well as generate a lot of hits. Personally, I blog more as a writing exercise, so I'm not really very strategic about this. I think it's safe to say that blogs that are helpful and informative should be popular among readers of the same interest. Case in point, I know that most of my readers are mothers like me.

I just want to learn something about making money online.. maybe you can give me some advice that I can use.

Right now I don't have a regular writing gig, so I'm not earning that much. I basically have my blog and that's it. I earn through it by means of Google AdSense and paid posts.

Google Adsense is the banner or box of ads you usually see on websites. In my blog's case, this appears on the right margin of the page. When people click on the ads there, an amount is added to my account. It's not much, so since not a lot of people visit my blog (unlike the ones that get 1000 hits a day), it takes me a while to generate the minimum payout amount which is $100. It actually took me a year to generate my first hundred bucks.

As for paid posts, I've signed up with a few sites that offer opportunities for this (PayPerPost, SocialSpark, Blogsvertise, Smorty, etc.). You basically write a post that follows all the requirements indicated in the opportunity (number of words, hyperlinks, positive tone, etc.) and then submit it for approval.

In what way do you receive your income in the internet?

I mostly use Paypal to receive payment, but I've also used Xoom and Western Union in the past.

Hope this helps. :)