Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Need Me a Key Finder

... or something that does the job - like an organized mind. I can never find them just when I'm about to step out the door. The thing is, I usually had put it somewhere convenient just minutes before so I don't forget them. However, with making sure that I and Marguerite, plus all of our effects (Marguerite insists on piling toys into our tote, toys she usually forgets about, making them unnecessary extra weight) are ready and that the apartment is safe (everything but the fridge unplugged, all the windows close, the balcony door locked, etc.), my mind goes in a million different directions and buries that tidbit of information telling me where the keys are somewhere where they're not easily retrieved. Even more annoying is that I usually find them at the last second in one of the places I first looked, but hadn't seen that time. So yeah, I couldn't find the keys the day Marguerite and I went to her pedia to confirm the chicken pox. They were in the tote, of course, but I only saw them as the intercom sounded announcing the arrival of our cab. Sigh. I think it's relevant to add that I used to find the house key inside the fridge when I was living alone, so...


kryzteta said...

I think someone should definitely invent a key finder. I had and still have that problem sometimes.
What we do now is to make sure car and house keys are left on top of the shoe rack near the main door. First few months getting used to it was difficult but now its an involuntary reflex. Keys on top of the shoe rack as soon as we get inside. :)

Clemencia said...

Don't we all need that lol