Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quick Testimony to God's Greatness

Okay, real quick post because we have to get ready for church (even if the two are still sleeping!). It's so amazing each time God shows me how present and alive He is. I'm in the middle of a situation right now, not grave, but enough to give me something to fret over (since I'm just like that). This is actually something that happens a lot, but it's exciting to recognize each time. Anyway, my devotional texts for the past couple of days have just been so dead on for my situation and what I'm feeling. I will never again feel as though conversations with God are one way (because, you know, I can be a forgetful fool sometimes and forget all the amazing instances God has allowed in my life).

Anyway, yesterday, Husband was having car trouble, so before we left for Marikina (he's to play bass today at the service, so he had to go to the dry run), I led us in prayer. I asked God to please fix our car and Husband thought that was funny because I sounded like I was talking to a mechanic. I haughtily answered that I can ask God for any kind of help (Husband rolled his eyes - of course, he knew that. It was all about my phrasing... Hwatever!). Anyway, we stopped on our way to Marikina so Husband could have his batteries checked out (since the problem seemed to concern them the previous night) and he was told that everything was fine. We reached our destination without incident. Husband was issuing various theories as to what the problem could possibly be and I said, "Maybe the car's fine now. I think God fixed the problem like I asked him to." Husband had to agree.


kryzteta said...

Amen to that! Ask and you shall receive right? ;D