Friday, September 5, 2008

Words, Not So Much

It's not only that I don't feel like blogging, but it's also mostly because I don't have the time. This is why I resort to the blogger's alternative during times like this. When not wanting to deal with words and thoughts, post pics.
These were taken last weekend, the first during a Mexicali merienda, and the latter three by security cameras at my sister-in-law's bazaar. Stall owners warned against toddlers who believe in their five-finger discount. :)


The HSB Literary Club said...

Hello there Mrs. Ivy -
This is Rachel. We will be starting our next book tomorrow. Sorry this is such short notice. :)

We will be reading Enoch Roden's Training by Hesba Stretton. There is a post up at the Club if you want to sign the linky to join us. Posting about it on your blog would be a great way to let others know about the book we are reading and ask them to join us!

Hope to see your name on the Linky!
For the HSB Lit Club,

kryzteta said...

Such a cutie :) She didn't even bother checking out the sweets, hehe.