Thursday, September 11, 2008

Silent Odyssey

The First Feature-Length Documentary Film on Filipino Deaf Culture

September 20, 2008
4:00 p.m.
UP Film Center Theater

SILENT ODYSSEY—a journey into the Deaf world—brings out the Filipino Deaf’s sentiments towards the hearing society, chronicles the significant and pioneering efforts of different institutions and personages in Philippine Deaf history and touches on important and current issues on Deaf education. It introduces the word “audism” (Deaf oppression)—a not-yet-so-popularly used term in the Filipino Deaf community; takes a glimpse at the 15th World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Spain with the theme “Human Rights Through Sign Language” and the celebration of the entry into force in the Philippines of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The film also focuses on some of Deaf achievers who are worthy of emulation by the Filipino Deaf youth and presents the World Federation of Deaf President Markku Jokinen’s views on oralism, use of hearing aids and importance of sign language to the Deaf. Most importantly, the film takes a close look at the Filipino Sign Language (FSL)—its probable origin, uniqueness, present status vis-à-vis other sign systems and its importance as index to the cultural identity of the Filipino Deaf as a cultural-linguistic minority group.

The journey leads to a realization that the Deaf are disabled and impaired by society’s failure to understand and accept their language and culture as an ethnic group, disregarding their cultural needs as Deaf persons by not providing the bridge of communication which aggravates their linguistic isolation. That “Deaf can” is no illusion but a reality which can shame those who think of themselves as superior just because they can hear.


“Silent Odyssey captures the cry of the Deaf soul through an intricate tapestry of image, sound and color - indeed a poetic documentary that only Miranamedina can create.”
Special Education
University of the Philippines, Diliman

“I have to admit that many issues tackled in the film were new to me. So, in that sense, the film has accomplished its purpose on introducing what is happening in the Deaf community in the Philippines…”
Manila Shimbun

“Silent Odyssey is simply unbelievable in its quality and unmatched expressiveness in outlining the life, struggles of the Deaf and the Deaf history in the Philippines. Mirana Medina's excellent film will capture the hearts of every movie watcher and celebrates the expressiveness of language without a voice.”

“Silent Odyssey shows who Deaf people are and what they want.”
Benildean Deaf Association


SILENT ODYSSEY (110 minutes, subtitles in English) is a production of Miryad Visyon in cooperation with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Lingap-Pangarap Foundation, Inc.

The Premiere Screening of Silent Odyssey is sponsored by De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (DLS-CSB SDEAS) and UP Special Education Council.

Proceeds of the film will go to the Deaf Scholarship Fund of DLS-CSB to provide access to tertiary education for more Deaf Filipinos, to Miranamedina’s next advocacy film on special children and to projects of UP Special Education Council.

Php 150 (Regular)/Php 100 for students (please present ID)

[email protected], 526-7441 local 239, 0927-2248584

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