Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Flavors of Asia

Back in the nineties, several funny lists were circulating the internet and one of them was “You Know You’re Asian If…”. Since Asians came up with it, it was funny (...the Bio lectures on marine life -seaweed, sea cucumbers, octopi- were last night's dinner). It’s nice being able to understand where the others were coming from since I’ve been there myself (...everyone thinks you're "Chinese" no matter what part of Asia your ancestors were from). When I was studying in Spain, I noticed that Asians of different nationalities gravitated towards each other (this doesn’t mean that we didn’t befriend non-Asians, of course) if only because they were all homesick for Asian food. The same thing can apply on the internet. Online, Free Asian Chat is available to people wanting to immerse in Asian culture and meet other Asians.