Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am a Reliable Realist

My personality type: the reliable realist

Okay, according to the test I took, I'm a reliable realist. This is probably mostly true, but I'm also given to bouts of flightiness and flakiness. Yes, I do have to work at being spontaneous and I'm the type to make plans to make plans and I have to send myself a daily memo to go out of my way and experience joie de vivre lest I be lost in all the structure and method (good luck unschooling), but every now and then I crack or have spells of fancy or whimsy. If you read the description of the Reliable Realist, I'd say everything applies... only not all the time. I took the personality test for Husband and he turned out to be the Dreamy Idealist. Not all of the adjectives in the description apply, but a lot of them do. The thing is, the compatibility analysis says that we're not the ideal match and we've got some challenges ahead of us. Yeah, like I really needed Carl Jung to make me realize that, lol. I think this post shows how different our personalities are.


maf said...


i took this test and based on the result, i'm an IT - Independent Thinker! :-)