Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sign On

You know I practiced signing with Marguerite without ever having bought a baby signs DVD (except Baby Wordsworth, but that's not really an official signing DVD). I bought the book "Baby Signs" at a Books For Less, but I didn't get much from it because it didn't feature an official sign language and since I wanted us to learn something official, I resorted to my good chum, Google, which referred me to a couple of baby sign sites that feature ASL. I learned all the signs I know from clicking away at the visual dictionaries on them. Now that Marguerite is talking, she's beginning to lose the signs and I don't want that to happen. I always said that I'd like Marguerite to acquire ASL as one of her second languages, so we have to keep on learning. I know many moms recommend the Signing Time DVDs, but you know me, the purse strings are in knots! Until I go crazy and just spend without a second thought or I decide that the DVDs will really be useful to us, I'm settling for Signing Time's YouTube videos.:-D