Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I-Spy with My Squinty Little Eye

So, I know it's not yet age-appropriate, but I got too excited to make one. Anyway, all the sides and the plastic window are several times reinforced, so it should present no choking hazard except that I got carried away and stitched little gold studs to frame the window, so I think we all agree that was a pretty brilliant move there. Note to self: I really should curb these urges to jazz perfectly fine things up. FYI, I added those beads with reinforcement in mind, heehee, the irony.
All the materials were scrap I had saved up, being the packrat that I am (hence the non-baby color). I didn't want to use poly pellets or styrofoam peanuts, but I couldn't use rice either since it would just be in bad taste with the rice shortage here and all, so I had to think of an alternative that would work. I considered paper confetti for a while and then read in one of my forums (fora?) that some used leaves and flowers. I remember that I had an almost full package of jasmine tea from Vietnam, which I had opened more than a year ago. Tea usually doesn't expire if it had been stored unopened in a cool dry place. The jasmine tea (which I didn't like) has definitely been exposed, so we really shouldn't brew it anymore after all this time. Anyway, the bag was not a problem, there was the tea, so the only thing left to do was hunt up little objects to add to the tea. I came up with:
a marble, a shell, a bobby pin, a yellow rubber band, a blue glass heart, a 10 HK cent coin, a green rhinestone, a pink button, a silver key, a gold pitcher charm, a white paper clip, a red shoe pendant, a gold sequin, a little white bow, and a buttefly clip with yellow glass studs.
Btw, if you're wondering about the Midge monogram, that's Marguerite's nickname.
It's a fun little game - for my 14 and 16 year-old cousins. Marguerite grabbed it when I gave it to her and started picking at the gold studs. I tried showing her how to shake it up to spot the hidden items, but she got mad that she couldn't get them through the plastic. Sigh. Maybe in a year or two. I thought I would store it as a sort of sachet in the closet, but it doesn't particularly smell like jasmine flowers, just like tea or something somebody might smoke. Anyway, I'm bringing it to church on Sunday, see if it will grow on Marguerite.