Sunday, June 22, 2008

We've Been Busy

Well, this weekend has been interesting. For one, it started early. Husband took Friday off because he finished whatever it was he had to finish for Microsoft until the wee hours of Friday morning. Then when he got home, our dear daughter woke up and would not let him sleep (Hi, Dad - tap tap - peek-a-boo! Hi, hello!...) so sleepless and exhausted, he made the decision to stay home and just get some sleep when he finally could. In the late afternoon, of course, he had car errands to run (this is the story of my life - my husband gets a day off work and my daughter and I have to compete with the car for his attention) so anyway, we just went with him. In between the many auto-related stops we made, we were able to squeeze in a visit to the two museums located at the ground floor of the Marikina DepEd building (right beside Teatro Marikina). First, we went around the miniature museum which had the most adorable collection of dollhouse furniture and other tiny thingies that made me gush nonstop while I was there. Everything was just so cute and made me want to start collecting miniatures as a hobby too. Some of the pieces were truly amazing - like one display was a miniature dental clinic. I mean, who would think to make a miniature dental clinic, right? Marguerite was more interested in running around than in appreciating the adorable pieces, of course. Afterwards, we moved on to the Belén Museum (Belén is Spanish for Bethlehem and it is what Filipinos have always called the Nativity scene or holiday crèche). It was also great because the place felt like Christmas and tiny twinkling lights are always festive, as you know. It didn't make me want to start collecting Belens but it did remind me that my friends and I won a belén-making contest in UP when we were in college and it made me want to make another one out of some bizarre material and donate it to the museum (providing they'd have it, of course, lol). Marguerite went a little wild in there. Restrictive bars and ropes did not mean anything to her, the little imp. Anyway, turned out she was just ready for a nap. Admission to each museum was Php30 per person. Here are some blurry pics from my cellphone.

We later found ourselves up in the mountains to watch the sunset. Husband took pictures of us inside and outside a restaurant (okay, it was mostly a bar, but the waiter twisted a balloon into a poodle(?) for Marguerite so I claim that that made it kid-friendly!) - you can see some of the city below in the background - but none of the sunset. The sky was mostly cloudy, but in the distant part of the horizon was a gorgeous play of colors. When we were driving back down to the valley, it was already dark with the sky mostly pitch black, but in the distance was an amazing shade of red. There was no hint of orange or yellow - just that red you usually associate with syrup or Kool Aid.

Then, yesterday, guess who finally got herself a haircut? I went a little mad and actually went to a trendy salon. That was a first. I usually go to some neighborhood parlor with beauticians stuck in the '80s. If I'm feeling extra-miserly, I just let my mother or my sister hack my hair. That's pretty much how it works with me. I grow my hair until it reaches my waist and then chop it all off, just long enough to tie in a ponytail. The last time I had cut my hair was in preparation for giving birth. Anyway, I usually don't let them style my hair after cutting since they want to blowdry it straight and that's not practical since I won't be bothering to do that myself (I don't blowdry, hence, a near-pneumonia incident when I was in the US some years back) and I want to know what the change looks like.
We met with my in-laws afterwards. Mike and Christine took Marguerite to the Arcade where she hit the jackpot in one of those games where you make the ball drop into the jackpot hole and you win lots of tickets, never enough tickets to win anything substantial (like the pretty rocking horse worth 10000 tickets), but enough to earn dinky plastic junk-in-the-making. We chose a slinky, a pack of glow-in-the-dark stick-on sheep, a toy mini cooper, and a joke (something that pops out of a candy container and makes a loud noise). In the pictures below, no, that's not Marguerite's nanny, but moi with my obviously high-fashion ensemble and new short hair in a ponytail. Compare it with the braid in the pic above.

Today there is a raging tempest outside and power went out around 3am whereupon I discovered that I could fan straight for hours without much notice when my child was involved. My arm didn't get tired at all. It was pretty cool because of the typhoon anyway. I decided to stay home because Husband and Marguerite were sleeping very heavily and slept until noon, in fact, the typhoon was really something fierce and the roads were probably dangerous with flying debris, plus the power was out so it would have been hard to get everybody ready (Sigh. Don't make me tell you what it takes. Just so you know, simply waking up Husband, which means making sure he stays awake, is a complete chore in itself that can take a couple of hours to accomplish. Sigh!). I thought of going by myself, but I didn't trust Husband to wake up when Marguerite did. Dad had thought not many people would be able to make it, but the turnout for the service was great.


kryzteta said...

It was a fun Saturday ;D

All services in our church was cancelled, first time I heard of it. I didn't believe Alf when he told me about it, and Mom didn't believe me as well. haha!

spinninglovelydays said...

Many members were calling to ask if services were cancelled, but my Dad is the type of pastor to hold a service even if he's the only one there. :) Also some members wouldn't think to ask (they think cancelling Sunday Service is not an option - the more obstacles there are, the better. I guess it is their way of demonstrating faith because, what can successfully stand in the way of God's activities, right? It's not about comfort or safety. My Dad himself has had such extreme missionary experiences where people crossed mountains and waters on foot just to get to church. His own church as a child held services in Tondo in the middle of riots and gang fights...)or simply didn't have means to call or text, my Dad had to be there also just in case anybody showed up.
Honestly? I feel ashamed about missing church yesterday, especially after Dad and my young cousins told us that many had shown up, many of which, btw, didn't have the comfort of coming in their own vehicles.
Not one to choose to dwell on the negative though, I've decided to just let those people inspire me (You guys know who you are). I'm really very happy that I'm a part of our congregation. :)

chelltan said...

I have to say, waking up my husband in the morning is a difficult chore for me too, ahahah.

humorous way of narrating a very busy weekend, indeed. I didn't know Marikina has museums you can go into, at least one that's even approaching "excitement-inducing" sort. Inspiring to know that there are still parents who takes their child to places many considers ancient these days. I think it's classy :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Chell. Some class, lol, only Marguerite was properly attired. Husband and I were in ratty clothes and flipflops. I wouldn't exactly say the museums were exciting, just pleasant places to see, I suppose. And they were really just one room affairs, but still very fascinating to visit. Next on our list of Marikina museums are the doll museum and the shoe museum. I'm not sure if there's still a science place out by the river, but if there is, we'll check it out too. With the price of gas these days, we're trying to keep our explorations local. :)

Debbie Out Loud said...

Wow, I was reading through your profile and it sounds like we have so much in common. I'm a Christian, homeschooling, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, Spanish-speaking, blogging, wife, mother and home business owner as well!

Your little girl is absolutely beautiful, by the way.

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Debbie out loud :)
This is awesome. I'm off to check your blog right now.
Thanks for the lovely compliment. :)