Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Butterflies and Spaghetti

Philippine Independence Day is on June 12, but since it's more practical to have a long weekend, the day off work happened yesterday. Taking advantage of a time when Husband was actually free (no car errands to do - although he did have to have our car washed -, no business stuff to take care of, no friends competing for his time ;-p), we went to the World of Butterflies. We thought we hadn't done anything crazy in a while, so why not go to a greenhouse, albeit teeming with beautiful butterflies, at noon on a day in a series of ones with kiln-hot weather when all three of us were already teetering on the verge of succumbing to another round of colds, coughs, and whatnots? What do you think, huh? Kuhrrrrazy!
Marguerite loved the place, of course. There was also a pond with kois and turtles. She was signing "butterfly" and cooing "fly" the whole time (the term stuck - that's what she's called it since she was a baby). She thought the turtles were cool (btw, "turtle" is one of the two-syllable words she first said). They were bashful creatures and would dive off rocks into the water when we pointed at them. Naturally Marguerite thought they were playing peek-a-boo with her.

Later on, we met up with my MIL and BIL and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti House in Antipolo. There was a dinky little playground in the garden and Marguerite, of course, had to have a go at the slide. It wasn't a very good slide and the kid would have landed on a pebbly ground, but BIL was there to hold on to her while Husband took pictures. I was not up to the task for this one. I can only assist with toddler slides.


Mindi said...

What a gorgeous garden! Where was it?