Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(Web)Hosting A, B, Cs

Many bloggers out there, myself included, do not really have much technical know-how when it comes to the web business (hosting, development, management, et cetera). However, one of, if not the, best things about the age of internet is that most information is just a click away. Tips articles abound and web hosting tutorials are available to those who want to learn.

I know there are lots of bloggers who have decided to expand their blogs into actual websites. Their blogs, if monetized, get enough traffic for them to generate a pretty regular income. These folks can afford to spend a little to maintain their online identity and perhaps fortify a business. Maybe it has not gotten to a point where they can pay for web professionals to manage their site, so they need to look into and execute the details themselves. It’s all very DIY, which I love. If you’re looking to go in that direction, offers listings and articles on pretty much anything you need to know about web hosting.