Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ministering in Youth

Our church's annual summer music school had its recital/graduation last Sunday and it was a roaring success (because while we can be solemn when we want to, our congregation is the type that is rowdy and fun, ringing of shrieks of laughter and wiseacre cracks, all in the spirit of bonhomie and true feeling of family - had we been a living room, we would be the lived-in, bedraggled type). Obviously, the Music Department is the most involved (kudos to Maf who is their head) and while I ordinarily limit my role to spectator when it comes to their projects (I love music with a passion, but I fear that my sentiments are pretty unrequited), this time I was tapped to emcee along with Tito Ricky.
To God be all the glory, but I'd like to give some credit to those who worked hard and, bar a few individuals, they were all young people. These kids will not look back and regret that they had been idle in their youth. I am really very impressed by their energy, dedication, and enthusiasm. They basically had the whole program running. They were the teachers, the students, the tambourine dancers, the decorating committee, the food committee, the ushers, etc. (We even have a band of preteen kids - well, a couple are thirteen now, but they were preteen when they started out- , singing and playing instruments for the Lord.) And afterwards, they cleaned up and packed up and still had more than enough energy to mug for the camera. They're not very shy, these kids, as is obvious in the wacky shots. For days now, they have been posting and grabbing photos from each other on Friendster. Admirable as they are, they're not perfect, of course. They sometimes have to be shushed during the service (but come on, many adults do too), they sometimes have a falling out with each other, they commit mistakes that are characteristic of youth, but the important thing is that they are open to guidance and correction. It is our job to remember though that guidance and correction do not equate to censure. These young people are growing up and maturing within the church and that's a huge factor in their development. Anyway, it is my prayer that they continue in ministry for the Lord.
Hey, Maf, Cheska, and Jaymee, I stole some of your pics to post here.

(man, look at these shy-types! dark shot. marguerite and grandpa at the drums. marguerite and toni in vibrant red. cheska -previously referred to as big C in this blog - serving mini cupcakes.)


The Darkest Night said...

Aw....the little girls are so cute!! And those cupcakes look yummy!!

spinninglovelydays said...

couldn't agree with you more re the little girls ;-p and yes, the cupcakes were yummy (the diabetics were complaining, lol, but it would be too much to expect the kids to whip up sugar-free ones as well)

The Darkest Night said...

*lol* yeah, i can totally understand that