Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mayo Uno/ Happy May Day

I briefly considered dressing up Marguerite in college-activist attire (ratty shirt, grungy jeans, chucks, ethnic backpack...) and having her wave a placard for a May 1 ecard, but a tiny voice in my head shrilled at me just in time, "What is wrong with you? You never wanted to play with dolls as a kid! And btw, Marguerite? Not a doll!"
Hmm, my husband is down again with something, a pesky cough this time. Please don't think that I'm not taking care of him well. I do what I can, but I humbly admit that I do not control the weather or the fact that he decided not to use the car ac to conserve. I made him stay home on Tuesday because the thing won't go away unless he gets some proper rest, but same old-same old. Hopefully, nobody's going to make demands on him today as it's a national holiday and nobody should be working on Labor Day (let's just take it for granted that smart alecks have long ago pointed out the irony in that).
It's the usual story of tea and honey and he's added cough syrup to the regimen, but the cough's persistent. Now, Husband's considering antibiotics again. I had to put my foot down. Last time, he didn't complete the course, so taking them may end up being detrimental instead. Do you have any other natural remedy? Poor guy hasn't slept well in days.
Anyway, Marguerite may be too young for Labor Day symbolisms, but I'll come up with a way to celebrate May Day.


tin said...

Hi Ivy!

His cough may have recurred since he did not consume the whole prescription.
I know I mentioned to him that I stop drinking prescribed meds once I'm cured.
If it's dry cough you could make him drink squeezed oregano. I also take Ascof capsules, which is herbal based and works for me.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Christine. I'll have him try the herbal remedies. Our church is an oregano plantation, so we have plenty of that :) I'm not sure if this is related to his other thing. That was pharyngitis. He wasn't really coughing then. Again, who knows?