Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Never Really Liked David a Biblical character, I confess. I know he was a man after God's own heart, but I've always had a problem with too much charisma. It touches my natural sense of fairness. I feel that they get away with too much.
This is not the reason why I didn't involve myself in the American Idol hullabaloo about the battle of the two Davids. I just didn't have time. I did get to see the actual sing-off and despite the judges' comments, I feel that the deserving David won. He's ripe for the honor. He's much more seasoned, mature, and versatile. It does not hurt either that his final song is Collective Soul's "The World I Know", which I absolutely love. Before getting hooked on "Needs", which is the usual favorite (unless knowledge is limited to poppish tunes, then the usual fave would be "Shine"), "The World I Know" was tops with me. Another confession: during the time when Marguerite should have been listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and other classicals, she got more of Collective Soul. Back then, I was always watching their concert with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (there's the classical twist to it, hehe, I would justify) and little Marguerite got used to Ed Roland chanting "The World's Done Shaking Me Down".
I had a crush on Joel Kosche (even if Dean Roland holds the official man-pretty title), but was initially into Collective Soul because Ed and Dean are pastor's kids and I was/am always interested in celebs who are, and during a time when I really wanted to listen to rock, but still had my Dad's sermon against secular music (did anybody else get to go to camp and was forced to listen to the backmasked version of Led Zep's "Stairway to Heaven", heard "tsk, tsk, tsktsk" and was told that it said "sweet, sweet satan"?) ringing in my ears, "Shine" debatably had a Christian message.
So, yeah. I didn't get to see the AI finale and I'm really not heartbroken about it. Although I am happy that that David won. So you can say I semi-care.